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Pheromone Tips - Getting the most out of Pheromones

Pheromone tips

-Apply pheromone spray, pheromone cologne or pheromone oil to your clothes and not your body. Why? Because in a lot of cases our own "scents" will mask or distort the pheromone. So in order to do that you need to make sure when you buy pheromones you make sure they don't stain your clothes.

-When you find a pheremone product that is effective for you and you plan on using for some most other products buy in bulk...especially with pheromones the savings can be significant.

-Spray, Oil or Cologne? I personally like pheromone sprays for convenience ...however the dab on applicators are far more economical way of applying pheromone cologne...remember a little dab will do ya'.

-Have a date?...Try spraying or dabbing a little bit in the old love mobile...make sure you test in a non- conspicuous spot on the carpet. If you think you might get your girl back to the love shack...strategically locate some pheromone around the crib.

-Stay tuned as I will be adding more pheromone tips soon.



Travis Sago


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