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A Candid Note on What Pheromone Colognes Can & Can't Do For You

If you were to believe many of the ads and hype- You could dab on a little Pheromone Cologne and exotic senioritas, frosty beer in hand, would be at your beck and call, panties and bras would gently fall from shapely bosoms and hips like a torrential flood and even chairs would orgasm when you sit in them.

What expectations do you have from Pheromone Cologne? Instant sex? To transform a wife or girlfriend with a waning libido into a sexual tiger?


Perhaps...maybe a sweet, demure smile, and a "HELLO" that is obviously more than just a little hello- from that  luscious waitress that has waited on you many times before or maybe that "hello" comes from a colleague at work. You know the "hello", the little pink flush in the cheeks "hello".

Or the cute little honey at the check out that never spoke anything other than "cash or credit card" in that "whatever" tone - Initiates and engages you in a short conversation, and you leave grinning and thinking "I-I think she likes me."

Maybe what you desire is a little more passion from your wife or girlfriend. Her panting breath a little hotter on your skin, her grip tighter and firmer on your back-- a sex experience so hot and sweet she asks for more.

Maybe you are like me...I am not a terribly hard man to please...I don't expect mountainous miracles...please give me those small, sweet pleasures in life and I am happy, a very happy man.

So to me...and the question you may be can a small spritz, a spritz of pheromones reward me with these small pleasures?

Ultimately, as you already know, you will make that is my job?..How can I be of service to you?...if you're a man that would be ecstatically pleased with a little more flirting, a phone number passed to you unasked, or just a bit more enthusiasm when you walk in the door from work.

In my opinion, there is overwhelming evidence, evidence from scientists, the University of Chicago and many others that pheromones increase arousal...if I may...let me repeat what I believe to be key...pheromones increase arousal.

Increase arousal?...What does that mean? Fellas when we catch a glimpse of a girl that is wearing a tight fitting t-shirt or figure flattering sweater...and we happen to see the shape of her me...that is arousal...out of the blue...Does she have a better chance of getting attention from us? bet!- do we try to strike up a quick conversation? bet! If our girl meets us at the door with a smile and nipples aren't we much more likely to be in the mood?...

On these pages of this website I have gathered what I believe to be overwhelming evidence from reliable sources that had a big influence on me trying pheromone products to begin with...

Whether you agree...again is completely up to you...I have merely laid out what seems to me, very convincing evidence...Once I decided to give it a try...I did not get the results I wanted straight away...In simple terms...I bought some crap. However, there is one product I review for you that I will not be with has worked that well in giving me some small pleasures...nearly on a daily basis. And another that I was pretty pleased with until I found the pheromone cologne I currently wear.

If you decide you would like to wear and experience pheromone cologne now...I feel I can be most helpful, be of best service to  you by mapping out what products have worked for me...a simple guy...who really loves the touch of a woman. And tell you which ones I think are worthless.

I love to have fun...and I love the I've done my best to make the review and these pages as fun and useful as I possibly could.

Now on with the review.



Pheromone Review of Pherlure

Rating 5 Hotties

Pheromone Hottie 1Pheromone Hottie 2Pheromone Review Hottie 3Pheromone Hottie 4Pheromones Hottie 5

Pherlure is the Only Scientifically Proven Pheromone Product.  See Proof

Studies at University of Chicago

    Pherlure Pheromone Review  GO

2 Month Supply $39.95

(Shipped in 24 Hours and they mean it!)

Comments: I love has really worked for girl is all over me a lot more and our lovemaking has reached new heights in passion. Your pheromones are shipped right away so you can start having fun soon! I will not be without Pherlure. The only pheromone product on the market containing University Tested Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone.

Negatives: The spray nozzle spits out too much at one time in my opinion. You can however vary the spray with half pumps.




Pheromone Review of Max Attraction

Rating 3 Hotties

Pheromone Hottie 2Pheromone Review Hottie 3Pheromone Hottie 4


Max AttractionGo

 2 Month Supply $89.95

(Slow Shipping: But Did Arrive)

Comments Positive: This pheromone product consists of 6 mg of androstenone, 3 mg of androstenol, and 1 mg of androsterone. Pretty potent as compared to many pheromone products. I did experience some increased flirting and smiles. After trying some real crap this was my favorite until I found Pherlure.

Negatives: Price of $89.95 for 1/3 of an Ounce is hard to swallow...especially when it does not work nearly as well as Pherlure at Half the Price.



Pheromone Review of Pherx

Rating 1 Hottie

Pheromone Review Hottie 3


 2 Month Supply $29.95

(Same Day Shipping Advertised...Arrived 2 Weeks Later)

Comments: 1 Hottie rating because it did arrive.  Pherx only contains 2.25mg of Androstenone. Low potency is probably why it is priced less than most. Hey...I'll pay whatever to get what I want in life...but Androstenone while being a true pheromone doesn't seem to get the job done for all.



Other Pheromone Reviews (Not Recommended)

Rating 0 Hottie

Fat Ugly Woman

Androstenone Pheremone "Full Strength" Concentrate

Androstenone Go

2 Month Supply $39.95

Comments: Very Low dose of Androstenone. Did nothing. This was the first product I tried and I almost never tried another...If you have only used this product...try giving another a go.


What to look for before you buy pheromones.

As with most products make sure you get a guarantee. When it comes to Pheromones the only scientifically proven ingredient is Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone and is only available from Pherlure. Androstenone is un-proven...but my experience has been it is a total waste...especially if that is the only pheromone. I got smiles, dates and laid with Pherlure. But if for some reason it does not work for you there is a satisfaction guarantee...Happy Hottie Hunting!





What are the benefits of using Pheromones?

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